New 4K Camera

New camera!

Pocket Cinema Camera 4K
New Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

Today at the NAB convention, Black Magic Design unveiled the recently teased successor to their pocket cinema camera.  Other than the dslr form factor, which makes handheld documentary production a challenge, it seems to have overcome all of the criticisms and shortcomings of its predecessor.

The camera maintains the micro 4/3 lens mount, uses a variety of modern codecs (including ProRes and raw), records to internal cards or external USB-C drives, has various power options, has a mini XLR audio input.  It has 3D LUTs and HDR capability, with 13 stops of dynamic range.  HDMI monitoring – or a clean output, sans overlays.  And a list price of $1295!

Oh, and it comes with Davinci Resolve Studio.

Here is coverage from Red Shark News:

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