Today, the WIP blog goes public!

Ricardo IsmachIn case you didn’t realize how you got here, today is the launch of the What’s Inside, Professor? web site and blog. You can register and leave comments, or even contribute musings if you want (just e-mail me via the Contact Us tab if you’d like to become an author). Also, you can ‘subscribe’ to get an e-mail or similar notification whenever new content is added. That way, you don’t have to check back every day to see what’s new.

There are a handful of photos in a gallery found on the Links sidebar. I’ll be adding stills from time to time, and I’ll try to put up some video clips soon. As things progress, look for a trailer as well. And not a trashy one either, my family background notwithstanding.

I am especially eager to hear what else you’d like to see – technical articles on low-budget film making? Rants about the commercial nature of our media universe? Testimonials about Alan? If you have ideas on how you’d like to spend your idle hours here on the WIP site, bring ’em on.

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