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The pace of change in film and TV (and web and iPhone) production is astounding. In just a few years, digital acquisition has become the norm for TV production, and is rapidly taking over feature film production. Cameras like the Arri Alexa, and Sony’s new F65, along with the Red cameras, are now rivaling 35mm film for dynamic range (as well as resolution).

Mitch Gross, of Abel Cine Tech, wrote a nice end of the year wrap up in his blog.  The mid- and lower end of production has seen just as much turmoil, with Red Scarlet and Epic owning a large chunk of ad production, and myriad cameras from Canon, Sony, Panasonic, and JVC bringing better images and greater performance at lower price points.  

At Casual Dog Productions, we are using the Canon XF300, a small-sensor camera that records a robust 4:2:2 signal at 50 Mbs in Canon’s MXF MPEG-2 codec.  the camera has very professional features and is reasonably ergonomic.  It is on the BBC approved list, unlike other under $20,000 cameras!

The Final Cut Pro X (iMovie Pro) debacle hasn’t finished running yet.  A big chunk of professional editing – especially film and TV – has gone back to Avid.  Paradoxically, Avid stock is still in the toilet…  Rumor has it that FCP for iPad is coming!  Professional editors are incredulous.

Interesting times…

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