Working it – the forthcoming Work In Progress.

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Don’t let the doubters get your goat!

The How-To Work In Progress is a work in progress.  But I am making real progress again, and thought I’d take the chance to outline my process – if for no other reason, to help me clarify things for myself.

With stellar timing, the ITVS has recently published a series of articles on creating a work-in-progress for documentary filmmakers.  Find it here:

The Independent Television Service is one of the few robust funders and supporters of independent documentary filmmaking in the USA.

My progress, right now, is to immerse myself in editing.  It is slow – I have too many hours shot, and too few hours to work!  It is also a bit confusing.  That is, it is hard to look at the material I have, searching for the story within, when I have long planned to shoot a few more specific segments.  These include some expanded interview questions for Alan – like, exactly how did he settle on Family Medicine?  Why not Pathology?  Wouldn’t he have been a great Neurosurgeon?

Maybe I just need to go complete those bits.  But, then – when do you stop?  They say movies (like novels) are never finished, just abandoned…

More soon.

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