Next Up

Next up was the trip to the Bay Area at the end of April. We shot numerous interviews, along with some more verit̩ footage of Alan in action Рin his life. Hopefully, this will complete the bulk of principal production, with a few notable exceptions. Now , it is time to cut a compelling trailer, put together a polished package, and raise funds for finishing the film.

There has been an unavoidable lull while other projects were dealt with.  But very soon – after we move to a new facility in a month or so – work will resume in earnest!

Finishing means editing the film paying for music and stock footage, and a final on-line polishing step. It also means planning and arranging for distribution – entry into festivals, theatrical release, cable or broadcast showing, distribution on DVD or over the web, and so on. Oh yeah, and podcasting. Not to mention the potential for use as an organizing tool (would PNHP be interested?)…

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