Back Toot!

eagleWe are back to it!  In the past two weeks, we have been plowing through captured tapes, breaking things up into individual clips and furthering the logging process.  Experiments with Adobe Soundbooth’s transcription feature haven’t been so encouraging…

It is exciting to watch this material with a fresh eye, and to think about the next steps.  Once all the material already in the can has been fully processed, several things will happen:

  1. Lower resolution proxy copies will be made, allowing others (like Alan) to view and work with the material.  Right now, there are roughly 2 terabytes of material on line!
  2. A trailer for fund raising – essentially a bit of work-in-progress, a few edited scenes – can be cut.
  3. In turn, fund raising for completion of the film can begin in earnest.  Costs to finish the project will include editing, licensing of stock footage, music, up-converting some of the older footage, marketing and festival submission…  Post production is the expensive phase of documentary film making.
  4. Additional primary production can proceed.  This will include some interviews with medical trainees here in Portland which will provide some context and framing for the film.

Look for more updates – and some on-line samples of work in progress – in the coming weeks.

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