What’s in a name?

DoctorI have been unhappy with the working title What’s Inside, Professor?  for quite some time now.  For one thing, it is hard to write down – that dang question mark.  Also, it is a bit cryptic.  As the project has evolved, I have settled on an approach that uses Alan’s life story as a vehicle for looking at the collision between the individual healer’s values and the medical-industrial complex.  One device I plan on using is short interviews with medical students and residents – a way of bringing up some of the questions and dilemmas we are interested in, and of making it relevant to health care providers.  More on those questions and dilemmas in my next post….So, how is this as a title:

Advice for Young Doctors

One issue might be the use of the word “Doctors.”  But can’t we use the word, like “Dude,” to be more inclusive?  Or should it be Advice for Young Healers?

Another issue is the word “Young.”  Will this matter?  Will anyone be offended?  I think not…

Then what would

I’d love your feedback!

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